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TITUS Classification for Desktop enables users to classify any file on a Windows desktop, including Adobe PDF, videos, images, and CAD files. With an easy-to-use menu integrated into Windows Explorer, users can clearly identify the sensitivity any file on their desktop, and help DLP and other security solutions make better decisions to protect the information.

Key Benefits


Key Features


Classify Any File Type

Enables users to classify and protect all files on their desktop, including images, videos, PDFs, and design documents.

Right-Click Classify

Guides users with a simple right-click classification menu integrated into Windows Explorer.

Visual Identification

Stamps file icons with a configurable TITUS logo to provide clear visual feedback that the file has been classified.

Persistent Metadata

Adds metadata directly into the file for commonly used file types. This means that the metadata is maintained even when transferring the file through email or to portable media such as USB drives.

Ease of Administration

Provides an easy-to-use Administration Console for the creation and maintenance of the organization’s classification schema.

Rich metadata Infrastructure  

Provides easy installation and configuration, with no server component or additional infrastructure required. Users continue to work in their familiar desktop environment and require little or no user training.

Metadata Assist for DLP

Generates metadata that travels with the file to help DLP solutions make more accurate policy decisions and prevent data breaches.


Titus Classification Demo requestA simple fly-out menu allows rapid accurate classification of any file type. For users with more complex classification needs, the product also features a dialog-driven user interface where classification can be performed in just a few mouse clicks.


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