Titus for SharePoint Claims manages SharePoint view security and SharePoint security group information


sharepoint security group | sharepoint view security | Titus SharePoint ClaimsA claim is an attribute about a user, one which is reliable and up-to-date. Using claims to verify identity is the next wave in effective identity management and security. By implementing claims, and leveraging the benefits of claims for authorization in Microsoft SharePoint 2010, organizations can solve many of the security challenges they face in their collaboration and file sharing environment.

In SharePoint 2010, Microsoft introduced support for a claims-based identity model. Claims-based identities can be used in SharePoint to securely share sensitive information by enhancing user authentication and authorization. By harnessing the power of claims, organizations can implement granular, relevant security in SharePoint. In order to properly manage security and fully realize the potential of claims, organizations must automate their security policies over all of their SharePoint content.

TITUS uses user claims, and combines them with document metadata to ensure that the right people are accessing the right information in SharePoint. By leveraging claims, organizations can go beyond simple user and group permissions, and allows organizations to truly leverage the benefits of user claims to secure their sensitive information in SharePoint. With TITUS metadata security Claims Edition, there is no need to manually define access rights for every document, and you can be sure that security policies are applied consistently and automatically across all your sensitive content in SharePoint.

Key Benefits
TITUS metadata security Claims Edition allows your organization to:
Leverage trusted user attributes to secure information

Automate Security

Ensure Consistency and strong Data Governance

sharepoint security group | sharepoint view security | Titus SharePoint ClaimsTITUS metadata security for SharePoint Claims Edition allows organizations to use claims-based authorization in SharePoint, without having to manually configure policies using cumbersome native SharePoint functionality, which can be difficult or impossible to carry out.

TITUS metadata security for SharePoint Claims Edition works with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 (Server and Foundation)