Simplify SharePoint permissions issues by implementing strong SharePoint document security

Add protective metadata to control document access



Simplify SharePoint permissions issues by implementing strong SharePoint document security based on document metadata properties with metadata security for SharePoint.

Because it is difficult to set up per-item permissions in a SharePoint Library, many administrators implement the standard security inheritance method instead. Unfortunately, this method does not provide the level of security needed to protect sensitive information, and may result in users getting access to information they should not have access to. 

Metadata security for SharePoint allows administrators to protect documents in SharePoint based on their metadata properties.  Access to documents and resulting filtered views can be based on the document’s metadata properties.  per-item security is much easier to set up with TITUS metadata security, administrators can easily create a Document Library or List that different groups of users can share. Each group can have different and specific types of permissions. In the example below, the "Dept" metadata column is used to ensure that only users in the Finance department can see Finance documents.

Figure 1 - Alice is in Finance so she can see the Finance documents

Figure 2 - Bob is not in Finance so he cannot see the documents tagged as Finance

Access can also be based on columns with username metadata, such as Author, Doctor Name,or Project Owner. metadata security can read the username in the metadata, and automatically provide rights to the document. The same comparison can be made for group names. This new capability makes it very easy to set up one document library accessed by hundreds or thousands of users with different permissions.

onlinedemoKey Benefits


SharePoint 2007 & 2010

TITUS metadata security for SharePoint

Protects files based on SharePoint content type

Protects files based on standard or customized SharePoint columns (metadata)

Protects files based on the file type (file extension)

Enables metadata security rules to be easily changed.

Automatically applies permissions to files based on the file’s metadata properties (columns)

Secures any type of file based on metadata

Leverages standard users and groups from Active Directory

onlinedemometadata security for SharePoint is supported on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 and 2010, Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 2007, and Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Foundation.