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Titus Recipient List Control

MessageRights provides enterprises the ability to effectively manage email, including the ability to restrict distribution of sensitive email via directory based safe recipient lists.

Using Microsoft Active Directory security Groups, customers can define safe recipient lists.  "Safe Recipient" groups define users that have access to specific project or management based information. Often these security Groups have already been defined to control access to file shares containing project specific information. Users who are members of the safe recipient group will be able to view all email associated (labeled) with the project.

Using MessageRights dynamic labels capability, senders assign project based or distribution based labels to their email. When the user hits the Send button, MessageRights will review the recipients and their associated group (safe recipient) memberships.  When the recipient list includes people who are not authorized to receive the information, MessageRights prompts the sender to change the recipient list, or cancel the email.

For customers using Microsoft Rights Management Services, Message Classification allows administrators to associate classification levels with enforceable rights management policy.  These policies can further restrict the distribution, printing or copying of email.

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