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TOPPER email heartbeat round trip testing monitors email delivery providing a powerful email management system

End-to-end monitoring

TOPPER is a powerful email management system providing email round trip or heartbeat email testing system to monitor email delivery. Topper for Messaging Management includes 2 basic types of testing that help to ensure the proper and timely functioning of your messaging network:

Round Trip or Message probing - This testing component works by injecting live message probes into your messaging network. These probes, small email messages, are sent to each target post office, email server, or internet site to determine if a message can reach the destination and return to the source.  If the probe does not respond within a pre-configured time interval, an alarm is raised and notifications can be sent to the appropriate staff. 

In addition to testing the ability of messages to move successfully through the network, Topper captures the response time for each probe and uses that information to produce service level statistics. Topper probing is an extremely powerful method of ensuring that your messaging network is working since it exercises each component in its testing. Topper probing can be configured to test from one server to each other server, from each server to each other server, or in the case of multiple mail systems, to test from each system to each other system. In this way, you can test every single path that mail could conceivably take within your enterprise. In addition, you can configure TOPPER to send probes to critical customers or suppliers to ensure that mail is flowing there as well

Heartbeat testing - This passive testing component relies on the regular receipt of an item of email coming from the remote system to TOPPER that contains a unique text string. TOPPER is configured to expect this email every N minutes. If the email is not received an alarm is raised. Heartbeats have been used to test connectivity from messaging components such as hubs where probing cannot be used. It can also assure that certain actions have occurred properly and on time. Any software that can generate an email message to signify completion of a task such as when virus definitions are downloaded, or when backups are completed, can be set up as a TOPPER heartbeat

Topper for Messaging Management provides support for nearly every e-mail or GroupWare product in the market place today.  Supported systems include

  • Microsoft Exchange  
  • Lotus Notes   
  • Novell Groupwise    
  • SMTP (Internet mail)







Topper is a trademark of Bear Mountain Software Inc.

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