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Topper suite of Exchange Server Tools: Email Round Trip and IP Monitoring, Exchange Reporting tools

End-to-end monitoring

TOPPER Email Point-to-Point Server Monitor - monitors realtime flow-availability between internal email servers, Blackberry devices and connections to the Internet with no remote agents. Windows Server Monitor component monitors perfmon, event logs, Dial-In,  IP and SLA Management with no agents required on the monitored servers.

Email always backs up when you least expect it... internet connectivity crashes, a server stops responding, a Blackberry device doesn’t connect.... and you are always the last to know. If you need to know that mail is flowing properly, implement End-To-End Server delivery monitoring using TOPPER. It monitors realtime flow between internal email servers, Blackberry devices and connections to the Internet. If a link slows or stops, TOPPER tells you!

TOPPER a suite of Exchange Server Tools combining proactive testing and passive monitoring of Messaging Systems, IP-based Services, and Windows Server Networks to help ensure high availability and service level Compliance without the need for agents on the monitored servers. TOPPER offers Exchange Reporting tools via an intuitive user interface that reflects the current status of your network highlighting potential trouble spots so you can take action before users are impacted. 

Topper's early warning system helps speed up problem resolution and in most cases, problems can be resolved before any impact is noticed by users. TOPPER is easy-to-install and requires no agent software to be installed on the computers being monitored. Service Level Management statistics are produced to demonstrate to users and management the quality of service provided.


The TOPPER product family includes 4 distinct products all of which share a common management framework which includes configuration and testing, graphical display, alert notification and reporting. Each of the products are sold and priced separately, however, by combining features in various modules you may also create a customized version of TOPPER specific to your needs.

The Topper architecture consists of five major components that are shared across the 4 products,

  • The Configuration and Testing component - This component provides easy to use wizards for defining Topper's custom user display, the actual testing to be performed and the parameters to be used in generating Alerts.
  • The Graphical Display component - This component displays a portrayal of your network and the actual status of each component, color coded to indicate the presence and severity of any error conditions uncovered by Topper's testing.
  • The Notification Component - This component controls the type and frequency of alerting to use when error conditions occur. This can include Alpha or numeric pages, e-mail, SNMP traps or execution of external objects.
  • The Reporting Component - This component provides customizable reporting of events, configuration information, average delivery time, server performance management and service level compliance. A raw data export capability is also provided so that custom reports can be developed using other reporting and analysis tools.
  • The RealTime Charting Component - Real-time charting enables you to create HTML charts of TOPPER monitoring data. View these real-time charts as they are displayed to webpages, graphically presenting actual test results from your monitored elements. Providing valuable, up-to-the-minute information at a glance, charts can be designed to show data for the last hour, 6 hours, day, week month, etc. Once open in the web page, the chart will automatically refresh with live, real-time results at your specified interval (30 seconds, 120 seconds, etc.), affording Operations and Management staff instantaneous service level information.


All Topper components incorporate Configuration, GUI, Notifications and Reporting & Charting

Key Features

  • Customized graphical display  that can be modeled after the customers enterprise network design.
  • Powerful Service Level Management Statistics which can be scheduled to run automatically and transmitted via E-mail, exported to most common applications or published to the Web.  Ad-hoc statistical reports with powerful "what-if"  capabilities are also provided.
  • Scaleable to even the largest of networks with no agent technology required on the monitored servers.  Topper's native 32 bit design allows it to support even the largest and most complex of networks. TOPPER works identically  for customers with a few servers up to customers with thousands of servers.
  • Powerful, flexible notification options including alpha or numeric pagers, SNMP, E-Mail or the execution of  external objects. 
  • Client/Server architecture which allows Topper's Server to perform testing, while Client PCs may view the server's windows, alerts, and, statistics from virtually any place in your WAN. 
  • Powerful security features allow de-centralization of  development and administrative functions.   The client/server architecture can also be used to move the basic monitoring functions into the data center while retaining configuration and reporting under the Administrators control.

Topper is a trademark of Bear Mountain Software Inc.

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