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Trend Deep Security Anti-Malware for VM

Triple your VM efficiency with agentless VM anti-malware

Although organizations are moving from a physical to virtual and cloud environments, they are addressing threat management using yesterday’s security solutions. This can threaten performance, cause undue operational complexity, leave unintentional security gaps and ultimately hinder the ability to fully benefit from Virtualization.

onlinedemoDeep Security overcomes these issues by penetratrating deep into the VM environment through an agentless anti-malware model that integrates with VMware environments to optimize virtualization security with no in-guest footprint.

  • Deliver up to 3 x more VMs for each physical server and 11X more efficient resource utilization
  • Reduce the cost of security in VMware environments by removing the need to continually configure, update, & patch agents.
  • Increase virtual server efficiency though agentless integrity monitoring
  • Allow continuous protection of virtual servers as they move between data center and public cloud
  • Designed for VMware environments

Consider the issues:

vmResource consumption: Even when idle, traditional security agents—for example,antivirus agents—occupy a significant amount of memory in each virtual machine (VM), especially when multiple security agents are installed on each machine to provide a range of protection. This reduces consolidation ratios and increases CAPEX and OPEX.

Antivirus storms: When antivirus scans or scheduled security updates performedby traditional antivirus solutions simultaneously initiate on all virtual machines on a single physical host, the result is an “antivirus storm” that can quickly result in an extreme load on the system and reduce overall performance. Similar “storms” can occur with other types of security scans and updates as well.

Instant-on gaps: When VMs are activated and inactivated in rapid cycles, it is difficult to consistently provision security to those virtual machines and keep them up to date. Dormant VMs can eventually deviate so far from the baseline that simply powering them on introduces massive security vulnerabilities.

Operational overhead: Administrators need to provision security agents in new VMs, continually reconfigure these agents as the VMs move around or change state, and rollout pattern updates to them on a regular basis. Thiscan be extremely time consuming and still result in security gaps.

Virtual patching: shields Windows systems from new vulnerabilities, immediately neutralizing the risk of a future exploit. With Trend Micro™ Deep security in the data center or OfficeScan Intrusion Defense Firewall at the endpoint, your customers are automatically protected from new vulnerabilities and zero-day exploits.


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