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Uniscope monitors all Skype/Lync components from one screen

Committing to Lync can add integrated chat, voice, video conferencing and more into your infrastructure. Lync now becomes a mission critical app.

But who is the first to know when a component stops working? And which components are being used the most, and by whom?

Alert and report

UniScope collects critical information you need to manage Lync proactively and avoid costly downtime. UniScope’s sleek OneLook dashboard makes it easy for you to monitor your environments vital components with a quick glance at a single screen.

UniScope collects all the key metrics for Lync monitoring and reporting in a single easy-to-use dashboard. Developed by Lync Architects that have had real world experience managing and troubleshooting numerous enterprise environments, UniScope proactively tests the core components including Front End, Web Conferencing, Mediation servers, end user connectivity, PSTN access and address book downloads.

Metrics are automatically gathered so you can understand Lync performance and usage to proactively manage your Lync deployment and prevent costly outages. Uniscope is part of the Mailscape family which can also be leveraged to monitor Exchange. mobile, SharePoint and Active Directory.

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Improve system uptime

  • Real-time monitoring all of key components of Microsoft Lync, including Front End, Web Conferencing, Mediation servers, end user connectivity, PSTN access and address book downloads.
  • Set individual server thresholds to meet your environments unique needs.

Reduce support costs

  • UniScope provides an intuitive and easy to use award winning dashboard that displays all vital components of Lync which enables administrator to quickly identify issues before they become outages.
  • Receive alerts so that you can work on other things as UniScope monitors your Lync infrastructure.
  • Optimize the performance and availability of your Lync servers.
  • Leverage the built-in Knowledge Base to solve complex problems.

Track usage

  • Gain insight into which Lync features are being used most in your organization and use this information to plan for future needs. UniScope makes it easy to see which users are taking advantage Instant Messaging, Voice/Video and Conferencing.

Simplicity and Value

  • UniScope can be deployed in 30 minutes and can immediately help you get more visibility into your Lync deployment with its monitoring and reporting features.
  • UniScope will make you more efficient; it will enable you to optimize system performance and minimize costly downtime. In addition, it will empower your help desk and enable them to improve the level of service you provide to your end users. We have gathered feedback from Lync MVPs and technology leaders from around the world to create an innovative solution that provides:

Proactive Monitoring

UniScope’s web-based One Look Dashboard makes it easy for you to monitor all of your environments vital components with a quick glance at a single screen, even from your phone or tablet.

UniScope automatically tests critical Lync services such Instant Messaging, Web Conferencing, end user connectivity and address book downloads so you can quickly be alerted to service issues before they become wide spread outages.

Reduce the time it takes to troubleshoot issues with the One Look dashboard’s ability to quickly point out what servers and services are affected. Resolve issues with UniScope’s built-in Knowledge Base which is updated continually by our Unified Communications experts.

Usage Reporting

UniScope’s advance reporting provides both the real-time data and historical trending you need to optimize system performance, improve service levels, plan for the future and get clear visibility into your company’s Lync infrastructure.

UniScope provides over 20 built-in reports, plus the ability to customize an existing report or create a new one with minimal effort.

Customizable Dashboards

Create custom tailored dashboards for your NOC, help desk, Lync team, and senior management.

UniScope’s One Look dashboard automatically updates and delivers real time monitoring to key personnel.

Senior management can have their own dashboard with key metrics on usage that always stays up to date.

The One Look dashboard can even be organized to match your companies geographical or administrative layout.


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