Electronic Discovery

Electronic Discovery | Search Exchange | Discovery Attender | ReSoft

Electronic Discovery software for legal, FOIA email Search requests next

Search website content

Social Media Governance | ReSoft


  Search your Social Media & Website exactly as they were on a specified date. Facebook Discovery 

Govern information flow

Exchange Report | Exchange Mailbox Size | Report Attender | ReSoft  Identify and redact sensitive information in email, attachments, web uploads and downloads. Exchange Report | Exchange Mailbox Size | Report Attender | ReSoft

PST Elimination

pileoffiles Manage troublesome PST files by setting backup, Retention & elimination policies. next

Share SharePoint with partners


Adding protective metadata to control document access within a SharePoint library allows access by external users and simplifies Library structure.next

Should Users Label Email & Docs?

Classifying at creation time improves Regulatory Compliance, reduces accidental breaches, triggers encryption, improves DLP accuracy, controls unclassified info next


Emonitor too complex for helpdesk?

Exchange Monitoring Tools | Exchange Monitor  | ReSoft

InfoWorld sees MailScape as a better Exchange & AD outage alert monitor. MailScape offers an easier deployment and a graphical interface that is intuitive for the help desk Exchange Monitoring Tools | Exchange Monitor | ReSoft

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