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Office365 Room Services Ordering using Resource Central

Book Meeting Rooms and Desks directly from the Oulook desktop and your mobile device.  Add orders for deleivery during your reservation.

Embed Services ordering within an Outlook calendar invite

​Outlook-driven conference room services 

Resource Central is an extension to your existing Outlook and Exchange/Office365 email system. All appointment information remains in Outlook using the look and feel with which you are familiar. Behind the scenes, Resource Central uses Microsoft Exchange resource mailboxes, so permissions are based upon your established rules.

Resource Central allows you to:

  • book a meeting room and associated set-up and delivery services in the same Outlook transaction as the meeting participants are invited

  • book hoteling workstations or hot desks for employees requiring desk space at different locations

  • book other assets such as company cars and parking spots

  • co-ordinate the time of delivery for associated services for specific conference room or meeting room bookings, such as catering, projectors, table arrangement setup, AV equipment, visitors registration

Reduce Meeting Costs

If you need a projector and lunch for four in Meeting Room A or a company car with samples from the latest collection for visiting a client, it can all be ordered through Office365 and Resource Central. With Resource Central you can:

  • Deliver conference room scheduling and meeting room booking through Microsoft Outlook and Exchange/Office365

  • Handle all services ordering for meeting room bookings and resource scheduling

  • Utilize existing order form formats to avoid altering established processes

  • Complete the order-to-invoice process for both internal and external invoices, such as catering, by integrating the system with your financial system

  • Handle all changes/cancellations when booking services automatically

  • Alert service delivery personnel via the Service Provider modules for viewing Meeting Room reservations and orders.

  • Leverage existing Exchange and Outlook permissions

  • Support both internal and external (outsourced) ordering of services  

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