Why ReSoft?

ReSoft International LLC is a recognized authority to hundreds of clients in Financial Services, Healthcare, Legal, Government, Industrial and Services.


We specialize in addressing the challenges surrounding workplace management technology, data loss prevention and risk management in corporate email, web access and unified communications.

We add highly scalable meeting room booking, team space and flexible workplace booking and signage to your existing email technology investment which will measurably improve bookable desk and meeting space utilization, reduce conflicts and no-shows.

We offer Office365 migration and optimization tools to ensure the best use of your Office365 environment.

For over 25 years, we have acted as a trusted advisor to hundreds of organizations by applying best-of-breed software technologies.  Our tools give you confidence that your systems are running to spec, that your employees are using the systems for what you intend and that you can control exposure to threats.


Systems like electronic messaging, workplace management and internet access are some of the most popular applications you have. They touch the largest number of people in your organization as well as how they interact with your suppliers, customers and investors.


These applications are complex, can easily be  used not in line with corporate goals, are difficult to measure and are difficult to secure. By addressing specific aspects of electronic messaging and internet access systems in an organization, ReSoft International can help. By providing a portfolio of solutions from which you can choose that will give you the Peace of Mind you seek.

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