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Office365 Visitor Management using Resource Central

Register Visitors as part of your Outlook reservation creation. Enable self-service visitor check-in through the visitor kiosk or security badge creation at reception.
Visitors can go to a self-service check-in kiosk to confirm arrival.  The Visitor can be pre-registered by the employeee through the Reosurce Central Outlook-based desk booking and room booking app.

​Outlook-driven Visitor Registration


The Covid-19 pandemic has forced organizations to implement stricter security policies surrounding physical access to buildings. One of these areas is Visitor Registration and tracking. Having the ability to log visitors into the building for a meeting enables contact tracing for not only internal employees, but external visitors, too.

Resource Central offers an Outlook-integrated Visitor Registration and Tracking module so that when a user books a meeting room and invites external guests, they can be pre-registered with reception. When the invited guest arrives for their meeting, Reception will have the names of all of the attendees.  You can reduce the wait times and line-ups as guests arrive by pre-printing name badges in advance. If you include barcode scanning capabilities, you can track all registered visitors within your facility, eliminating any manual processes of tracking your guests throughout your building.


The system includes a Self-Registration Kiosk feature which allows visitors to check themselves in. Upon check-in, the system automatically sends a notification to the meeting organizer by email.

Key benefits for deploying a Visitor registration and management Solution include:

  • Improved security and contact tracing, allowing you to determine who is in your building, as well as when and with whom they met

  • Improved planning of Visitor arrival times to anticipate visitor volume spikes

  • Easy registration of non pre-registered guests

  • Inform the meeting organizer via email that their guests have arrived

  • Improve the productivity of Receptionist Front Desk

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