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How to Easily Manage all your Workspaces in Exchange/Office365

Pooled Resources simplify hot desk booking in Office365

Office365 is a good platform, but to use it, you need to define every desk space as an Exchange resource mailbox. This is cumbersome and expensive to set up and manage, especially if several desks could be managed as a group that can be booked a pre-specified number of times. If you have groups of resources to manage that you don’t need to assign to a specific resource, they could be transformed into pooled resources. This could be for:

  • Large groups of desks in the same location

  • Lockers

  • Furniture like desks and tables for a conference or event space

  • Parking spaces where you don’t need to stipulate the exact space

Pooled Resources Feature

Our partner, Add-On Products, have worked on addressing this. Pooled Resources are easy to set up and manage in Resource Central and Exchange / Office 365 as each Pooled Resource has only one calendar, opposed to each resource having its own calendar. Pooled Resources are bookable from / available on all our normal platforms including Outlook on Windows, Outlook on the Web, Mac, our Mobile Workspace booking app, etc. Read more about resource types →

How it works for your users

When you book a desk in a pooled resource, you know that you are booking a desk at a specific location. When your booking starts, you simply choose one of the free desks in the specified location. Booking permissions also work for Pooled Resources. For example, a certain group can be given the right to book in a certain pool, while others can be excluded.

Safely returning to the office Capacity limits at specific locations are a major factor in safely returning to the office. Pooled resources support the complex calculations of these capacity limits even when there are multiple bookings on a workspace in a single day This solution makes it easy to find the right fit for your organization with our different Resource Central license types, each with their own benefits. Contact us if you want to learn more about Pooled Resources →

Resource Central License Types:

  • Named Resources (Individually Specified)

  • Pooled Resources (Group Specified)

  • Meeting Room Light (No services attached)

  • Meeting Room Standard (Services attached)

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