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RFID for Desk and Room Booking 3: Self Registration for Desk and Room Booking - why it is important

Remove Anonymous Booking

Where there are walk-up-and-book or walk-up-and-check-in room or desk screen devices installed in the office space, the device is not going to understand who the user is that is making the request at that device. Without technology in place, all such booking requests can only be anonymous. This, in turn, hinders the security of the booking process, as anyone can walk up and book a resource, and this limits useful utilization statistics.

This is where RFID security badge readers come in. A user will have an access security badge issued to them to enter the building and to access other building services, so we can leverage that identity device for room booking too.

On first scan of a new badge, the user is prompted to identify themselves

Under the covers, to implement RFID-based capabilities, the room booking system server has to be able to resolve the physical RFID card serial number scanned at the room device against a pre-populated user record in the back-end directory.

Self Registration Email confirmation
Self Registration sends a confirmation email

RFID is complex

Many organizations do not have this process set up as it is a complex task to create a regular information feed from the security card database (hosting the RFID security card information) into the user directory that the room booking system uses to validate a user.

To simplify the implementation of RFID card reading, ResourceXpress now offers User Self Registration. The user scans an unassigned, company-issued RFID access security badge at the room screen or kiosk - if that badge serial number has not already been registered, the screen will prompt the user to enter their email address to register the badge. Once validated against their email account, that badge number will then be assigned to that user for any subsequent badge swipes.

PIN Code Generation

Where a Security Badge is not available, the ResourceXpress system can optionally generate a PIN code number that the user can enter as identity confirmation. In that case the user can enter a PIN code, unique to them, to give them authorized access to the booking process.

Optional PIN code allocated to RFID registration
Self Registration supports RFID badge reading and optional PIN code generation

ReSoft International offers solutions to assist organizations in implementing a hybrid workplace; including Desk and Room booking, user software License Adoption, realtime uptime of cloud software applications.

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