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Improving the Office365 User Experience for Hybrid Meetings and Desk Booking


Today, Microsoft’s ubiquitous cloud platform for document creation and collaboration, Office365©, has evolved into a very attractive solution for managing hybrid meetings. 


Unified Communications (UC) and Facilities Management (FM) teams enjoy robust, tightly integrated email and calendar capabilities through Outlook© and Exchange© on-line, as well as video and voice collaboration through Microsoft Teams©

Furthermore, the upcoming Microsoft Places app will enhance the hot-desk booking experience within the Office365 ecosystem.

Duplicate function and increased cost

Many organizations have committed to specialist Room and Desk booking software only to find integration capabilities with their primary Office Calendaring system is limiting. 


And, as Office365 continues to evolve, there is an increasing duplication in functionality, cost and support load if you are running both Office365 and a third-party Resource Booking system.


Improving the Hybrid Meeting User Experience

But, there are still limitations!  ReSoft International LLC offers tools to augment and improve on the capabilities of the native Office365 functionality on which your users already rely. 

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