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Resource Visibility and Booking for the Workplace of the Future

Qubi3 can be deployed on a desktop or on the back of a cubicle, giving visibility into availability.
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ReSoft offers a number of Visibility solutions for Room and Desk management varying in price and sophistication.

EcoPUK - Simple, Sustainable Signage

EcoPuk is sustainable digital signage made of bamboo or recycled acrylic that can be scanned by mobile devices to access digital content. 


With a ‘Tap or Scan’ from a mobile device on the 3-D printed, laser-engraved sign, ecoPUK delivers a highly interactive, room and desk resource booking experience. 

While always-on digital room signage has traditionally met that need, it carries significant extra cost in initial purchase price and energy usage over its three-to-five-year lifespan.  ecoPUK's sustainable alternative to traditional room signage can last up to a decade.


Manufactured from sustainable materials such as bamboo and recycled acrylic, ecoPUK panels are laser-engraved with custom branding, a QR code and an NFC tag.

  • no need to deploy costly room sign hardware, power or cabling as required by traditional electronic information screens.

  • reduces the technology lifecycle challenges many corporations face every 3-5 years.

  • addresses growing sustainability and environmental concerns around powering an estate of digital panels across an organization.

  • affordable resource booking technology

  • touch-less experience using QR codes or passive RFID

  • wide range of uses - booking, check-in, link to training materials or room instructions 

Embrava Electronic Desk Sign

Desk Sign is a sleek, intelligent device that can be mounted to a desk or shared workspace, displaying the status of the desk in a flexible workspace environment. Once checked-in, Desk Sign dynamically displays an employee's name for the duration of their booking


Improve Employee Experience: 

When finding available space, checking-in to a desk, and locating colleagues are easy, employees are free to focus on what matters most to them - and you.


Easily Locate Colleagues with Dynamic Nameplates

Dynamic nameplates help colleagues find each other and feel ownership over their workspaces.


Quickly Locate Available Space

Desk Sign's LED color bars are easily seen from any angle across an office floor and quickly display which spaces are available for an on-the- spot booking.


Boost Facilities Efficiency

When employees check- out or a booking ends, a "Requires Cleaning" status alerts to ensure that only, and all of, the used desks are cleaned.


Maintain Name Display

Employees can take a meeting, go to lunch, or leave the desk without fear of losing it as their name displays for the duration of their booking.


Eliminate Ghost Bookings

Desk Sign can automatically cancel bookings when the user has not checked-in within a defined timeframe, releasing the desk for use by other employees.



Qubi3 provides a device to address complex RFID badge requirements. Compact, simple to use and able to merge or be standalone from existing booking systems, it reduces your real-estate costs, promoting the efficient management of meeting rooms, desks and huddle spaces.

  • Future-proofed, multi-frequency RFID reader, supporting over 64 different standards for optional authorized access

  • Qubi3 cradle accessory which can be used on desks or wall mounted to improve accessibility

  • Flexible display and LED modes to suit all types of workspace including desks, huddle spaces and meeting rooms

  • Unique LED countdown feature providing at a glance indication of near future availability for meeting rooms or huddle spaces!

  • Latest 3.12” OLED screen for a clear, bright display combined with simple touch pad control

  • Expansion capability for sensor driven auto check-in, auto check-out and presence monitoring

  • 5 way cable routing for ease of mounting and optimum concealment of power cables


Aura Room Meeting Room Device

Aura is the versatile, low cost Android meeting room booking screen for use with ResourceXpress. It has built in side and front LED lights to provide a clear indication of room status and availability.

With the integrated multi-frequency RFID card reader, its use can be restricted to authorized card users with full accountability and usage reporting.  It has a large 10.1″ – 1280 x 800 responsive capacitive touch-screen with a Wi-Fi or LAN interface as standard.

  • Real-time visibility into workspace reservations – no more arguments about bookings and subsequent disruption to meetings!

  • Walk-up booking for instant, ad-hoc reservations – need a room or desk quickly? No problem, the system can provide real-time instant access via your mobile device, kiosk, room screens , Qubi or your desktop.

  • Comprehensive workplace analytics for actual resource utilization and reservation no-shows – typically produces a 40% improvement in room utilization.​

  • Q-sign feature on the ResourceXpress kiosk interface quickly lists all current bookings in a flight board type display viewed on a kiosk PC desktop brows

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