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Safe Automated Electronic Delivery


Exchange Sensitive Documents with External Users

Automating the delivery of application-generated documents and notifications by email is not new. But, its use is severely impacted when you need to exchange information that is sensitive and needs to be sent:

  • securely outside the organization

  • to the recipient's platform of choice - PC, mobile device or web browser

  • without requiring special software or keys to open it

  • without size limits on the information being transmitted

  • subject to PII or PCI protection and audit Compliance tracking

Existing electronic delivery forces the user to come to your website for this information. This is often perceived as inconvenient and problematic by the customer.

The solution is modular, so you can select and prioritize:

  • Secure Mail service - enforce protection on sensitive email exchanges

  • Secure large file transfer - exchange files too large to be sent via email securely and conveniently

  • Secure EForms Workflow Solutions - embed encryption into your forms workflow

  • Secure Contact - let external users send sensitive information in to you

  • SecureMail Policy Manager - scan outbound email for policy infractions

This technology is used today in many industries, including Government, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare and Education.

Legally-required distributions

  • Statements - 401K, retiree benefits,
    payroll, W2 and bank accounts

  • Tax return form submissions

  • Privacy Policy documents

  • Prospectus Disclosures

Business process improvements

  • Loan Applications

  • Claims documents

  • Criminal Background checks

  • Board Communications

  • Financial Aid Applications

  • Clinical trial information

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