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Is it finally time for hot desking? - 2 - Ringfencing

As organizations begin to plan their return to work, a new requirement has surfaced in redesigning the office environment to accommodate social distancing protocols.

Desks local to the booked desk are automatically ringfenced

In some instances the office space is going through a complete reconfiguration, at not inconsiderable cost. In other cases, organizations are leaving things in a wait-and-see state.

The "Ringfencing" feature in the ResourceXpress solution is an example of techniques being introduced to support social distancing requirements. Ringfencing is designed to restrict the use of contiguous workspaces around the booked space.

Mobile view

If an employee books a workspace, the workspaces that have been geographically related to that workspace are automatically put into an "out-of-service" color-coded status so they cannot be booked.

This is visible on a QUBI3 desk screen at the workspace (in blue), on the kiosk map (as a no-entry sign) and in the back-end calendar system (as booked).

QUBI3 color coded to illustrate availability of that space

ReSoft International offers solutions to assist organizations in implementing a hybrid workplace; including Desk and Room booking, user software License Adoption, realtime uptime of cloud software applications.


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