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Redaction and Metadata Stripping for Email and Web


Secure Information Governance Platform

Adaptive Redaction scans email and web content - text, Microsoft Office, PDF and HTML files - automatically identifying and removing both the ‘visible’ and ‘invisible data’ which breaks policy  - credit card numbers, patient ids, Medicare numbers etc. - then continues to deliver to the intended recipient without ‘stopping and blocking’.

This gives the unique ability to not only extract the text from a file but also to be able to remove or substitute information within the file.

Redaction is triggered according to your own security policies - any combination of content, recipient, sender  - making it an adaptive process.​

  • Data Redaction uses advanced pattern matching and phrases to replace sensitive data, like credit card numbers, with ‘X’ symbols.

  • Data Sanitization removes sensitive (and often invisible) meta data embedded in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and PDF files, preventing access by third parties.

  • Structural Sanitization automatically identifies and removes active content from Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), PDF and HTML files, thereby preventing the spread of malware.

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