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FM:Systems Expand Partnership by Offering Touchless Hotdesk Devices to Help Improve Workplace Safety

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

ResourceXpress and FM:Systems have expanded their partnership by enabling the ResourceXpress QUBI3 Touchless Hot Desk device to integrate with the FM:Systems Resource Scheduler (RS) solution. Organizations using or considering FM:Systems Resource Scheduler for their scheduling platform will be able to take advantage of the touchless hot desk booking capability of the ResourceXpress QUBI3 device.

The Covid-19 pandemic has created great pressure to implement socially-distanced office environments, reducing the density and capacity of existing real-estate and requiring organizations to better utilize the space they have.  In many cases, employees will no longer have permanent desks-theywill book hot desks when they are in the office location.

Resource Scheduler (RS) is the flagship product in the FMS:Employee product line; a cloud-based scheduling platform designed to increase efficiency and drive productivity in today’s dynamic, digital workplace. From desk-sharing initiatives and conference room scheduling to integrated office services and visitor management, 

ResourceXpress is a software/hardware solution that integrates into the FM:Systems RS infrastructure to provide QUBI3 hotdesk devices using RFID access badge reading capabilities to manage authorized bookings and reduce no-shows. ResourceXpress can be run in a cloud SaaS environment or in an on-premise data center.

The combined solution, leveraging the new version of ResourceXpress, offers significant capabilities to organizations planning their return to work:

Touchless Devices: To address the new work environment, the new version of ResourceXpress introduces hands-free use of QUBI3 desk screens, offering built-in RFID technology to allow a user to touchlessly scan a security access badge to walk up and book, check-in, check-out and extend the use of an RS managed workspace at the device.

Social Distancing and Safety Restrictions: The new "ringfencing" feature restricts contiguous workspace usage, so if a user books a space, the related workspaces are automatically put into an "out-of-service" color-coded status so they cannot be booked.

Meeting Attendance Recording:By capturing in-room data about when employees actually attend meetings on the devices, ResourceXpress can assist in more accurate contact tracing and space utilization procedures.

Travis Kemp, Global Director of Hardware Product Management comments "FM:Systems is excited to partner with ResourceXpress to leverage their Qubi3 desk booking solution as we continue to promote the efficient management of meeting rooms, desks and huddle spaces . This solution fits very well into theFM:Systemssuite of offerings and offers some exciting new functionality as our clients consider how to return to work involving contact tracing, ring fencing and touch-less device interaction".

Clive Horton, CEO of ReSoft International, the master reseller for ResourceXpress in North America adds "We have developed a very successful partnership with FM:Systems having deployed the joint solution in large Enterprise customers. By listening closely to our customers, we are introducing a range of features which reflect new ways of working to help ensure workplaces are safer places".

ABOUT RESOURCEXPRESS ResourceXpress software and the QUBI3 devices are provided by ResourceXpress Inc based in Northvale, New Jersey with parent company QED Advanced Systems based in the United Kingdom. Established for over 30 years, QED is a manufacturer/integrator of room and desk booking software and hardware solutions. They have a truly global presence, with ResourceXpress now being used in over 40 different countries.

ABOUT FM:SYSTEMS More than 1400 organizations worldwide trustFM:Systems' workplace management technology to empower their facility and real estate teams to identify, plan and deliver the ideal workplace experience for every employee. Our leading software and hardware solutions are used to manage over 3 billion square feet across 80 countries worldwide. In 2019 alone, over half a million people made more than 40 million reservations withFM:Systemsproducts.FM:Systemsis headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, and conducts business worldwide. For more information aboutFM:Systems, please visit


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