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Qubi3: a multi-functional device that optimizes every meeting room, huddle space or desk

ReSoft International with UK manufacturer QED Advanced Systems Limited, best known for its ResourceXpress range of booking solutions, has built on the proven technology of the Qubi2, which is widely in use as a desktop device leading many clients to achieve space utilization improvements of over 40 per cent.

Compact, simple to use and compatible with RFID multi-frequencies, the new Qubi3 can be deployed with different LED and display configurations to suit meeting rooms, huddle space and desk environments. Coupled with ResourceXpress’ dynamic Kiosk application, Qubi3 leverages powerful Search and booking features from meeting room touch screens within the office, desktop PCs or via a mobile app on the fly. 

The Qubi3has a compact 3.12-inch OLED touch screen and capacitive touch controls that can easily be applied to both meeting rooms and hot desks. It can run across SaaS, private cloud or on-prem environments and is compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Exchange and Office 365 as well as IBM (Lotus) Notes, G-Suite Calendar and a range of other supported advanced booking systems. 

The Qubi3 has no virus or malware vulnerabilities as it uses a hard-coded application with no operating system, making it super-secure and extremely low-maintenance.

It offers fully scalable workspace control – complete with on-demand booking, authorized check-in/check-out/extend functions and a solution to the all too common “no-show” problem.

A unique LED countdown feature on the Qubi3 provides an at-a-glance indication of near future availability for meeting rooms or huddle spaces.

“Organisations worldwide are switching onto the significant real estate savings achievable with meeting room booking systems,” says Andy Fisher, Business Development Director of ResourceXpress. “Desk booking – or office hoteling - is the logical next stage for those parts of a business which operate agile working and where staff really don’t need to have a dedicated work station.

“To make the very most of this type of technology, the resource management system has to be clear and simple to use: increasing the sophistication of your room and desk management. It should never be at the expense of creating barriers that make it too complex for personnel to use. And that’s what we’ve majored on with the new Qubi3. 

“However, it was increasingly obvious to us that to maximize an organization’s return on investment for its resource management system, the industry needed a device that could multi-task for meeting room, desk or huddle-space environments. Qubi3 does just that.

“We are already managing a large number of requests from potential clients who are keen to look at how they can reduce the cost of ownership for their resource management solution by saving 50 per cent compared to deploying conventional meeting room touch screens.”

Another key benefit offered by Qubi3- along with all ResourceXpress products - is that it can be tailored precisely for each organization’s unique needs. “We don’t have the ‘one size fits all approach’ that make some other booking systems hugely inflexible, ineffective and expensive to deploy,” says Andy Fisher. 

“Many users want to pick and choose from the vast array of available functions, so our systems take an entirely different route from the competition: we start with an entry level template onto which you can bolt as much additional functionality as you want – either during installation or through an ongoing program of continuous improvement.”

Also on show at the exhibitions will be other products in the ResourceXpress range, including the industry-leading Aura meeting room screen.

“We’re looking forward to talking to current and new Microsoft partners at the event on ways that they can take advantage of the new Qubi3 and our other products to deliver flexible savings to their clients,” concludes Andy.


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