ResourceXpress Meeting Room and Desk Booking

The next generation of flexible solutions for agile workspaces

ResourceXpress is a centralized, enterprise software application that books meeting rooms, desks and huddle-spaces. 


Scalable, secure and flexible, ResourceXpress can operate as a stand-alone system, but also future-proofs your investment by linking to a wide range of standard enterprise calendaring and scheduling solutions like Office365 and Google, as well as third-party advanced booking applications.


ResourceXpress centrally manages meeting room screens, sensors, kiosks and desk booking devices, allowing you the freedom to book resources in the way you want.

A mobile app enhances the accessibility to the booking process by allowing users to search, book and check-in to desks and rooms from their mobile device. 


ResourceXpress for Meeting Rooms and Bookable Workspaces:

  • Real-time visibility into workspace reservations – no more arguments about bookings and subsequent disruption to meetings!

  • Walk-up booking for instant, ad-hoc reservations – need a room or desk quickly? No problem, the system can provide real-time instant access via your mobile device, kiosk, room screens , Qubi or your desktop.

  • Solves the no-show issue for meeting rooms  – an optional one click check-in button confirms the reservation to retain the booking or auto-cancels.

  • Comprehensive reporting for actual resource utilization and reservation no-shows – typically produces a 40% improvement in room utilization.​

  • My Events feature on the ResourceXpress kiosk and Mobile interface quickly lists all previous bookings on a kiosk, a mobile device or a PC desktop browser.

  • Find, Free Desk and Maps features on the ResourceXpress Mobile and Kiosk interfaces let users quickly Search for workspaces by city, building, floor, workgroup or by available facilities on a kiosk, a mobile device or a PC desktop browser.

  • Q-sign feature on the ResourceXpress kiosk interface quickly lists all current bookings in a flight board type display viewed on a kiosk PC desktop brows

Aura Room Device

Aura is the versatile, low cost Android meeting room screen for use with ResourceXpress. It has built in side and front LED lights to provide a clear indication of room status and availability.


With the integrated multi-frequency RFID card reader, its use can be restricted to authorized card users with full accountability and usage reporting.  It has a large 10.1″ – 1280 x 800 responsive capacitive touch-screen with a Wi-Fi or LAN interface as standard.