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Future-proofing : why ResourceXpress Desk and Room Booking supports so many calendaring platforms

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

As technologies come and go, it is important to maximum the life of those technologies that impact the user the most. ResourceXpress has established interfaces into many of the enterprise level calendaring and scheduling solutions. So, as and when requirements force a change, ResourceXpress is there as your future-proofed partner. See where ResourceXpress integrates today:

Office365 - the ubiquitous state of Office365 in most organizations makes it the market leader for enterprise calendar and scheduling.

Google Apps - where Office365 is not present, Google is the usual alternative for enterprise cloud email and calendaring.

Accruent EMS - one of the market leaders in the Enterprise Scheduling marketplace, EMS has a lot of success in the Corporate and Education markets.

Add-On Resource Central - where Office365 and Outlook are the preferred booking solution, Resource Central adds significant features; by supporting an improved Find and Filter of Desks and Rooms as well as a robust Services Ordering management capability.

FM:Systems Resource Scheduler - another strong player in the Facilities Market. From conference rooms and video conferencing facilities to shared workspaces and managed services, FM:Systems' meeting & room booking solution is ideal for any organization.

NFS Rendezvous - cloud-based meeting room booking scheduling and reporting, you know your valuable workspace is being fully utilized, with no meeting space or desks standing empty and no employees struggling to find a place to work.

ReSoft International offers solutions to assist organizations in implementing a hybrid workplace; including Desk and Room booking, user software License Adoption, realtime uptime of cloud software applications.


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