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Office 365 Monitoring, Reporting, and License Management 

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Office 365 Outage Monitoring


The Microsoft Service-Health-Dashboard (SHD) only tells you that there is an outage going on somewhere in the world - but doesn’t pinpoint if your end users will be affected.


Monitor all the components for which you are responsible: Office 365, Exchange hybrid servers, AD FS, AAD Connect, and the network. These components can cause an outage as well, which may present as a total Office 365 outage. When an outage occurs, Office 365 monitoring quickly enables you to pinpoint the problem and determine the services and subset of users affected.

You can't control an Office 365 service outage, but you can be better prepared for the next one. Understanding the root cause and scope of the outage enables a mitigation plan, softening the blow for your end users.

Office 365 License Management
Get the most out of your Office 365 investment


The platform provides easily digestible licensing reports that have enabled clients to save millions on their licensing spend, enabling organizations to drive out hidden costs by identifying: 

  • Duplicate & Overlapping Licenses – No need to pay for the same thing twice

  • Inactive Licenses – Reclaim them for future use, instead of purchasing more

  • Underutilized Licenses – Identify and automatically suggest an appropriate license type based on actual user activity​

  • Customizable Savings -  Understand your total cost saving opportunity monthly and yearly using your actual per license cost and not just retail pricing.

Hybrid - Office 365 Reporting


While Office 365 does have built-in reports, they are often limited and may not provide you what you need out of the box. 


Office 365 Reporting console has over 50 of the most commonly requested reports that can be customized to meet your needs. These reports can be utilized throughout your migration. Readiness reports enable you to categorize your on-premise environment, e.g. Delegate Permissions or Public Folders. Once you have moved over to Office 365, you can report on key metrics including mailbox storage and usage, client access, and mailbox & message traffic reports. 


Don’t see a report you need? Save your own PowerShell reports directly to the console. 


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