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Is it finally time for hot desking? - 1 - Dynamic Space Utilization

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Hot desking or hoteling workspaces have long been a slowly developing solution. Historically, most organizations have given employees their own permanent desk space so there was a limited case for bookable desks.

Fast forward to today - the majority of people working in a traditional office environment are now working from home and are happy to continue to do so for some time. As part of the plan to reopen offices, organizations are under pressure to implement socially-distanced office workspace and meeting room environments, reducing the density and capacity of existing real-estate and requiring organizations to better utilize the space they have.

In many cases, employees will no longer have permanent desks, they will book hot desk usage for when they are in the office location.

What are the benefits of desk booking?

  • More flexible working: many employees want to take full advantage of flexible working options and reduced commuting needs. Office space will increasingly become used predominantly for collaboration and client meetings.

  • Reduced real estate costs: with offices not housing as many people, businesses can save money by scaling back city center locations that workers no longer want to travel into every day.

  • Lower workspace density: the money saved in real estate can be used for a workspace redesign that gives people in the office more space for the safety and protection they need.

  • Smarter space usage: downsizing in both space and density will result in a need for dynamic utilization of the available space, facilitated by desk reservation and sensor technology

ReSoft International offers solutions to assist organizations in implementing a hybrid workplace; including Desk and Room booking, cloud software License Adoption, realtime uptime of cloud software applications.


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