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Is it finally time for hot desking? - 3 - post-use Sanitization Management

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

As part of the implementation of a Desk Booking or Conference Room Booking capability, serious consideration must be given to the processes surrounding the sanitization of a space after it has been used by an employee.

ResourceXpress adds in a capability to put a booking into 'cleaning mode' at the end of the resource usage. This is triggered when the booking time ends or the user releases the space early. At that point, the resource is put into a configurable, temporary unavailable state for additional bookings and the cleaning crew can be alerted to the need to sanitize the space via email or through the RX portal.

If the space is part of a ringfenced family, all the spaces are held as unbookable until the sanitization has been completed.

The RX portal provides an up-to-date Resource Cleaning schedule

ReSoft International offers solutions to assist organizations in implementing a hybrid workplace; including Desk and Room booking, user software License Adoption, realtime uptime of cloud software applications.


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