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RFID for Desk and Room Booking - 2 - when you don't have an RFID card

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

As discussed in a previous post, it is important to ensure there is user-identity validation in the booking and check-in process. For walk-up-and-book or walk-up-and-check-in resource booking using room or desk screen devices installed in the office space, the device is not going to understand who the user is that is making the request at that device. Without this, a booking can only go ahead as an anonymous booking.

So, an RFID based access security badge that is issued to a user to enter the building and to access other building services can be leveraged for their identity.

Using PIN codes as an RFID alternative

The user can be prompted to enter a unique PIN code

But what happens if a user doesn't have their badge with them or was never issued a badge? This is where the PIN code comes in.

When the user walks up to a room screen, they can be prompted to scan their RFID badge or enter their PIN code.

This unique code assigned to that user would have been set up at the point the user was registered into the system.

The device will pass the PIN code entered on the device up to a corporate directory, such as Active Directory, to validate which user that PIN code belongs to. Once identified, the booking or check-in process can then go ahead and assigned to the captured user.

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