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RFID for Desk and Room Booking - 1: what is all the fuss about?

As part of the implementation of a robust, enterprise-class resource booking system, it is important to ensure there is validation of the user identity in the booking and check-in process.

When a user is booking through their own computer or mobile device, that device is already assigned to them so we can easily determine which user is making the booking request.

Remove Anonymous Booking

However, where there are walk-up-and-book or walk-up-and-check-in room or desk screen devices installed in the office space, the device is not going to understand who the user is that is making the request at that device.

Without technology in place, all such booking requests can only be anonymously. This hinders the security of the booking process, as anyone could walk up and book a resource without identifying themselves. In turn, this reduces the effectiveness of utilization statistics as we know the space is booked but not by whom (nor their business unit).

This is where RFID security badge readers come in. A user will have an RFID based access security badge issued to them to enter the building and to access other building services, so we can leverage that identity device for room booking too.

By deploying a room or desk device, such as the Aura or QUBI, with an integrated RFID reader at the point-of-use, the user can be prompted to scan their RFID security badge on the device as their identifier. The device will pass the serial number read from the device up to a corporate directory, such as Active Directory, to validate which user that card belongs to. Once identified, the booking or check-in process can then go ahead and assign to the captured user.

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